The Vacuum Effect is a worldwide, scientific phenomenon that takes place with all types of animal species.  It is a proven statistic, has been demonstrated and is a documented fact that if an established Cat Colony is eradicated from their territory, the Vacuum Effect takes place.

All other free roaming, reproducing cats who were waiting for their chance quickly move into the newly available territory and the fighting for females and turf and the breeding cycle easily begins in the supposed ‘cat eradicated’ area.
























It is urgently important for our City Officials and residents to understand that this activity takes place when even a portion of any animal population is permanently removed from its home range.  Biologists have well-documented species such as mountain lions, possums and raccoons rebounding quickly in a matter of months.  This is why poisoning or trapping for the abandonment of native wildlife and/or established Community Cats from your yard or any areas here in the city is futile and acts of animal cruelty - punishable as a felony!

Numerous residents have informed 'CCCBR' of such cruelty and these residents have invested in outdoor security and hidden cameras to document what is happening to our innocent wildlife and Community Cats.














With an estimated Community Cat population in Palm Beach County of over 800,000, any empty habitat immediately attracts other wildlife and cats from neighboring areas. In six years, our group has experienced numerous road deaths of cats and have witnessed how the Vacuum Effect takes place within 48 hours in that once claimed territory.  CCCBR monitored small, healthy, sterilized ‘TNVR’ Cat Colonies keep OUT the hundreds of unsterilized and possibly unhealthy free roaming breeding cats!  













Community Cat colonies will hold their territories and protect their turf as a unified force from all other cats trying to enter!  Each cat has a position and a responsibility that is necessary to secure their territory borders.  We have witnessed this on numerous occasions when a colony cat is missing from a space within the territory due to death - the other colony cats will work as a team and compensate for empty space to keep intruders away.  It is a fascinating study to observe such synchronicity within a colony and without question, their tactics have always proven successful.










Here in Palm Beach County, it is ILLEGAL to remove ‘TNVR’ Community Cats from their established territories! It has been proven internationally that any female cats remaining (pregnant females are incredibly intuitive and have a way of ‘disappearing’ during a trapping effort) will produce more kittens to fill the habitat to capacity. Removing Cats from an area is absolutely a futile effort and here in Palm Beach County, illegally trapping and removing unwanted cats only opens up the territory to an influx of new cats - and the endless cycle continues.

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