In 2006, The Humane Society of the United States, the nation’s most influential animal welfare organization, officially endorsed Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate and Return, affirming the power of 'TNVR' to impact free-roaming cat lives for the better. Other national animal welfare groups are also now solidly in support of 'TNVR', including the ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, Maddie’s Fund and PetSmart Charities. In 2013, as numerous other counties have done, the Palm Beach County made 'TNVR' its official policy for managing free-roaming cats. Today, the discussion has shifted from whether 'TNVR' should be practiced to how it can be spread most widely and effectively.













Veterinarians, Biological Scientists and Animal Control Specialists nationwide agree that it is not realistic to provide ‘TNVR’  (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return) throughout an entire County all at once -  it has to be aggressively implemented in target zones. The resources needed to provide that level of ‘TNVR’ coverage and to actually attempt to accomplish such a massive project would cost millions of dollars. 


So why is  ‘TNVR’ the County ordained program the right solution for addressing our ‘Community Cats’? It is the ONLY scientific, proven method that WORKS! That is why our Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously for ‘TNVR’.  The outdated and endless cycle of killing is futile and the vast majority of taxpayers do not want their money used to fund cruel and ineffective methods for our Community Cats.


The National Animal Control Association along with numerous national Humane Societies recognize that after 50 years of catching and killing cats, this ineffective method has done nothing to reduce the feral cat population. In Palm Beach County alone, with an estimated 800,000 free-roaming cats, the cost calculated to use the outdated ‘Catch & Kill’ of the past would be $240MM to $320MM taxpayer dollars.




A matter of trap, transport, impound and kill each cat or kitten in our County it is estimated at $300 - $400 taxpayer’s dollars per cat or Kitten. This shocking financial obligation that would have to come from taxpayers is completely unacceptable and will NEVER happen. Therefore, all residents -whether they love or hate cats -need to understand the overwhelming severity of this ‘hidden’ issue. We must join together as never before to expedite ‘TNVR’ in every neighborhood - house by house, street by street. It is a massive undertaking but together residents can make a phenomenal difference here in Boca Raton -  starting NOW.  


The focused geographical ‘TNVR’ initiatives that our small resident group originally accomplished starting in May of 2013 are the ONLY areas in this City that are completely under control. These amazing, healthy Cat colonies are monitored and maintained by our group daily and have proven that they keep all other Cats OUT of their territory! These ‘Furry Forces’ work together 24/7 to hold their turf and enable us to move on from those protected locations and continue ‘TNVR’ in the surrounding acreage. That is the only methodology that WORKS and we have PROVEN it for over 5 years!


It is impossible to even begin to remedy this epidemic overpopulation here in Boca Raton without the full support and understanding of our City Officials. In September of 2016, ‘CCCBR’ presented the most comprehensive report with scientific data and aerial maps to educate our City Council so they would have the understanding and compassion to support our cause.














WHY IS OUR CAUSE URGENT? STOPPING the reproduction of our ‘Community Cats’ by allowing residents to carry out the County ordained ‘TNVR’ Program on ALL City-owned property is critical for our success!   Our residents must have access to sidewalks, streets, swales and any parcels of City-owned lands to carry out an organized strategy to accomplish what MUST be done! 


We have as an outstanding local example the nationally recognized ‘Palm Beach Island Cats’ with their excellent success utilizing TNVR’ everywhere on Palm Beach Island. They have the full support of their Town Council and their residents are grateful that the ‘Community Cat’ population is maintained, healthy and declining naturally.


‘CCCBR’ has clearly presented the situation here in Boca Raton to our City Council.  We have defined our necessary goals and await their critical support.  Neighborhoods educated in the necessity of ‘TNVR’ have HOA’s that have implemented this successful method of stopping reproduction of Community Cats.  The Sanctuary, Royal Palm Yacht Club, Broken Sound, St. Andrews and many more are fully aware of the success of this method.  Integrated Pest Management programs throughout the nation are in total support of ‘TNVR’ as the only method of managing Community Cat populations.

Universities throughout the United States have implemented ‘TNVR’ and we are proud to say that Florida Atlantic University has had their Community Cat Program in operation for almost thirty years!


The world famous Boca Raton Resort & Club and The Breakers in Palm Beach have had their ‘TNVR’ Programs established for decades as well. 


Walt Disney World is also one of the leaders in the Country with their extensive and successful ‘TNVR’ Program.  





Residents are outraged that the kittens and cats in our wealthy City are not being monitored or maintained are multiplying, starving and suffering.  Residents strongly voice to us that the City should be doing something about the Kittens and Cats. We have always encouraged them to speak to the City Council to support ‘TNVR’ everywhere in the City.  

Residents believe that the free-roaming Cat situation is taken care of by Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. They have no idea that we have been asked (since March of 2014) by our Palm Beach County Commissioners to implement the practice of ‘TNVR’.  They are urging individuals, rescue organizations and interested parties to collaborate with the County to attain the goals of ‘Countdown to Zero’ and Project ‘Catsnip’.  The reality check for all residents is that it is our responsibility to come together and help stop the reproduction of Community Cats utilizing ‘TNVR’.


Every day that this critically urgent situation is not addressed by each City in this County, the numbers keep increasing adding to the overpopulation... our Community Kittens and Cats cannot continue to be ignored!


Animal Care and Control Agencies have been attempting to ‘Catch and Kill’ Cats and Kittens for more than 50 years. Obviously, this endless and ineffective system has no permanent impact on the population of outdoor Cats.  It is an outdated, cruel and futile cycle that is not supported by the majority of the public, and wastes hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars - our Palm Beach County Leaders understand this. 






Abandoned and wild-born Community Cats have no choice but to adapt or perish, form colonies and procreate. Female Kittens as young as 4-5 months old are impregnated by tomcats and the multiplication factors are staggering.

Succeeding generations struggle for survival in housing areas, public, industrial and city properties, apartment building complexes and any other location where they can find meager shelter and discarded food sources.  Starvation, disease, dehydration and extreme suffering are rampant and these colonies quickly grow beyond their scarce food supply, with TRAGIC consequences. 


The Community Cats Coalition of Boca Raton has already established a proven record of 100% ‘TNVR’ success.  Involving the community, especially our children, will be the ONLY way this overpopulation and suffering can be addressed. 


Whether you care about Community Cats and want to help them or wish they were never around, Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate and Return is the only scientifically documented method to solve the overpopulation situation! 'TNVR' not only greatly reduces feline nuisance behaviors, such as fighting, yowling and marking territory, it is the proven method to lower the number of cats in your area. If Community Cats are illegally removed from an area, please remember that the 'VACUUM EFFECT' will take place and more reproducing cats will enter the territory.

Please see this video on how to Trap a cat the right way:


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